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20th Oct 2018

PIC: If You Want To Live In This Dublin Room For €280 You Have To Do Something Really Disgusting

Darragh Berry

We thought we had seen peak wtf in the Dublin housing crisis when this weirdo was renting a room for €1 but had the sickest demands for the occupant.

But this is just as bad.

So bad in fact, that it was taken down almost immediately after being put up.

This house was renting out a room for less than €300 and if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is.

They were asking to share the room with two other girls, as well as sharing an effing bed too…

The advertisement on said:

  • 4 girls living in this house.
  • 1 girl has own room and 3 of us are sharing a room.
  • You will live with Spanish and Korean and Japanese.
  • SHARE A DOUBLE BED with Japanese girl.
  • We are all friendly. House is tidy and warm.
  • Tidy person is welcomed!
Kimmage Bed Share

The ad, as shown above, has since been taking down but was in the Kimmage area…