PIC: Dubliner Is Renting Room For €1 Online But There's A Sick Catch

"You will have no expenses."

Dublin Bed €1

We'd rather hold on to our one euro and put it towards putting another desperate cry for help on an advertisement somewhere than take this offer up.

A Craigslist advertisement gained serious attraction in Dublin as someone was offering their room for just one single euro.

As Judge Judy always used to say on her television show, if something is too good to be true, it normally is and that is certainly the case with this.

The Dubliner in question was renting out the bed in Ballsbridge but you would become a "live-in partner" and that brings with it all the characteristics of someone who this person wants a relationship with.

The ad reads:

"As the headline says, I live in South Dublin (Ireland) and have a stable organised life. I seek a specific type of woman as my live-in partner. You will have no expenses. Here is a list of the characteristics I seek.

"18 - 35 years old - Calm Personality but Enjoys Deep Conversation - Possible but not essential characteristics, Submissive Personality - Unemployed (with no desire to work - I can facilitate this) Unambitious - Does not want or have kids - Nature lover - Calm - Affectionate.

"My own traits are Tall - Extroverted - Controlling but respectful - Retired (early!) - Nature Lover - Affectionate.

"I am genuine and will make any potential woman as happy as I can. You will have a quiet comfortable life with no responsibilities and you will be cared for very well. You will have your own TV, Computer, Internet, Bedroom and can venture out on your own a few nights a week if you wish. Please reply with any questions and phone number if possible."

We'll pass mate, thanks though.

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Darragh Berry

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