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06th May 2018

People Were Hugely Impressed By The Honesty Of This Dublin GAA Star Last Night

James Fenton

While the stigma of mental illness hasn’t disappeared completely in this country, Irish society has come a long way in recent years when in comes to open discussions about the struggles that people may face. 

Helped by the historic Marriage Referendum of 2015, young people dealing with issues of sexuality now have a lot more support than they would have had even five or ten years ago. This is a journey which has been faced by Dublin GAA star Nicole Owens who has spoken previously of her own battle with depression how she came to terms with her sexuality as a teenager.  

The 25-year-old All-Ireland winner appeared on The Ray D’Arcy Show last night and spoke candidly about her struggles as well as offering sage advice to youngsters who may be facing similar battles in their own lives. People were hugely impressed by how Nicole spoke with honesty and openness and if you missed the show you can catch a small bit in the snippet below or watch the whole thing on RTÉ Player.

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