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20th Dec 2016

PIC: Is This The Worst Parking Job You’ve Ever Seen?


Bad parking is hardly a rarity ’round these parts, but this shot – of a 2014 Aston Martin, parked crossways through two spaces at Q-Park by the Four Courts, comes pretty close to being the worst we’ve ever seen. 

Not only is it bad enough to go into a parking space at an angle, making it difficult for your neighbours to get in or out, this driver has taken it upon his or herself to occupy two whole spaces, because, y’know, why not?


Not that we’re saying this would ever be okay – but it would at least be understandable if the car was an enormous Land Rover. An Aston Martin? No excuses.

Hat tip to Lovin Dublin reader John Lawless, who sent us in this stunning piece of investigative photojournalism. Got some bad parking you need to tell tales on? Hit us up on [email protected].