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20th Dec 2016

PIC: This Tallaght Supermarket Has Had Enough Of People Stealing Its Honey


It looks like one Tesco branch has had it up to here with people stealing its honey, and has opted to put all of the jars into security boxes.

This pic, posted by Reddit user @Connolly91, shows an array of Rowse manuka honey jars, all lined up in rows in their little theft-proof cases.

Manuka Honey Security Box

The Manuka honey – which comes from Australia and New Zealand and is essentially a mad fancy honey that’s meant to have medicinal properties – starts at €11, which might be a reason for the high security measures.

We mean, really – if you wouldn’t steal a car, and you wouldn’t steal a TV, why would you steal a jar of delicious honey from your local supermarket? ANIMALS!