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06th Jan 2019

PICS: We Need To Talk About The Disgraceful State Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Was Left In This Weekend

Darragh Berry

Littering is never acceptable but littering as heavily as this in one spot is absolutely disgraceful.

These pictures were taken at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay near the Samuel Beckett Bridge and it’s actually hard to see the streets with the amount of litter there.

Sir John Rogersons Quay 1

There’s several cans of alcohol as well as lunchboxes filled with takeaways from the night out.

Someone even commented that the mess could be there as long as New Year’s Eve as there was “champagne /sparkling wine bottles in the top left of the first photo.”

Another person added that: “I used to work around here. [People who make this type of mess] would be middle to upper class people frequenting the area after work for their few drinks and instagram snaps.”

Disgraceful stuff.

Photo credit @TheThrills78