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20th Dec 2016

PICS: Here’s What Temple Bar Is Set To Look Like After Its New Makeover


Plans are being put together to improve the Temple Bar area, according to the Dublin Inquirer.

On Monday, landscape architect Daibhi McDomhnaill presented plans to a committee of the Dublin City Council for the renovation of Temple Bar and the surrounding area.

Temple Bar Strategy

Consultations with local groups have brought up a number of issues facing the Temple Bar, including anti-social behaviour, rough sleepers, badly laid cobblestones, unlicensed outdoor seating areas and lighting which is too bright in some parts and not bright enough in others.

The report also noted the “cultural element of Temple Bar is often a disappointment to visitors.”

Some of the proposals in the report include:

  • Replacing the cobblestone setts and including level surface paths for cyclists
  • Removing kerbing and footpaths
  • Improving the accessibility and quality of public spaces, like Barnardo’s Square
  • Repairing areas which have become dilapidated over time
  • Putting in place lights which adequately illuminate the ground level but reduce light pollution and spill to the upper, residential levels
  • Increasing public seating
  • Increasing the amount of greenery in the area by planting trees, having wall-climbing plants and flower boxes
Temple Bar Greening

The report was presented as part of the work of a steering group
which has been set up to improve the Temple Bar area. According to the Dublin Inquirer: “a design team should be appointed by early next year, and
then later any plans will go out to public consultation”.

We’re looking forward to seeing the plans put into action.

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