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20th Dec 2016

The 13 Second McGregor Aldo Fight In 13 Wonderful Tweets


It was the fight that had been building up for a year and nobody could quite believe when Conor McGregor knocked Aldo out flat so early.

While half of Ireland spent the night waiting up on couches around the country, beers in hand, we thought we’d sum up the fight for those just waking up with these 13 wonderful tweets.

What a night it was. One to remember…

McGregor wasn’t exactly lacking confidence when arriving

As always an emotional entrance

The highlights package was easy to put together

The exact moment

Nailed it!


McGregor has a ‘word’ with the Aldo camp

He did it for us!

The fans couldn’t have been much happier with the result

Really happy

America’s biggest stars are loving our Irish hero

McGregor chatting after the fight and reflecting

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