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13th Sep 2017

These Irish Lads Created A Cracking Tune About A Much Loved Dublin Nightclub


We have heard a lot of great songs from around the country the past few days that are all very original.

This one from Tipperary double-act The 2 Johnnies sings about an ever-popular nightclub in Dublin.

What is it?

Sure, it’s the one and only Coppers.

The two friends are renowned on social media for their catchy tunes about anything Irish related and we love it.

This one about Copper Face Jacks that the lads put up last night is now probably, our all time favourite.

You can listen to the cracking tune below.

It sums a night out in the club perfectly and we cannot get the song out of our heads.

What do you think of it?

(featured image: The 2 Johnnies/Facebook video)

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