This Dublin-Based Artist Draws Pictures That Capture The Most Special Moments In Your Life

By seank

October 21, 2017 at 4:43pm


We love to highlight local talent around here and we're absolutely lovin' this Dublin-based artist's work.

Kev McGuinness runs a Facebook page called Kev Draws Art where he posts his pictures of buildings, places and "everything in between" which capture special moments and places in people's lives. 

McGuinness' images are all hand-drawn and coloured on fine quality paper and then framed for his customers.

The artist started this service after he drew the place where he met his girlfriend and visitors to his home expressed their interest in similarly sentimental pictures of their own – and it just grew from there.

He's drawn scenes around Dublin, both modern and historical

The Bernard Shaw 

The Olympia Theatre

Dublin United Tramways Company - No.15 to Terenure (1872)

The Cobblestone

From around Ireland

Guiry's Pub - Foxford, Mayo

Siopa Ceoil An Daingin - Dingle, Kerry

Anywhere in the world, really

Park Gu?ell, Barcelona - Spain

Saint George's Basilica, Prague - Czech Republic

Kev generally charges €50 per picture, but this can increase depending on the size and detail required for the picture.

Intrigued? You can contact Kev Draws Art and view more of his work right here or send him an email at [email protected].

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