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20th Dec 2016

We Went To Berlin To Learn About Jäger – Here’s What We Found Out



Last week a gang of Irish bartenders travelled to Germany to learn all about Jägermeister after designing their very own Jäger cocktails, and we were lucky enough to join them.

In between some bar crawls, Trabi Safaris and brilliant food, here’s what we learned about the elusive liquid…

Jäger is not just a shot

Forget your Jägerbombs, and start putting that shit in cocktails – it’s absolutely delicious. Check out some of these tasty recipes, and give them a lash!

Recipe Booklet Herovisual Xl

There are 56 different ingredients in it

Including star anise, cinnamon, ginger roots, lavender and a mixture of secret herbs.

Ingreadients 1
Ingredients 1

It’s pretty hard to make yourself

Turns out getting the balance of pure alcohol and all the other 55 ingredients in the factory in Wolfenbuttel is pretty difficult.

Head Quarters1 Wolfenbuettel
Head Quarters2 Wolfenbuettel

Jägermeister have their very own brass band

And they certainly know how to party.

They were the first brand to create jersey sponsorship

Way back in 1973, Jägermeister was the first company to sponsor a team in the German Bundesliga with stags heads emblazoned on the jerseys.

They got through an advertising regulation loophole by changing the team’s crest to the Jäger logo – sneaky sneaky!

Two Soccer Player Of Eintracht Braunschweig

Jägermeister base rests for one year in oak barrels

The Jägermeister base is stored in oak barrels for around a year where it is left in complete peace to mature and ‘breathe’. The wooden cask storage area in Wolfenbüttel houses around 400 mighty oak casks.

Master Distiller
Oak Cask Front