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03rd Feb 2022

009 The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

"The L List" written in a white box on a red background, with white line illustrations of burgers, pizza slices, pints and fancy G&Ts in the sides of the image.

Welcome to the L List, a run down of things that tickled our fancy this week in Dublin, in celebrity culture and beyond.

From Rihanna’s baby bump hard launch to the slow but steady introduction of Valentines themed food and drink across the city, I’ve been feeling the love intensely this week. Celebrity news is my therapy and reader, you’re about to sit in on a session. Please, join me for a look back at what we’ve been Lovin in Dublin so far this week. Sure what else would you be doing on a Thursday lunch time?

Rihanna’s bump pics

Will we ever get that new album? No, no we won’t. But that won’t stop us all losing our minds over Rihanna and ASAP’s baby bump reveal, which will surely see the sale of pink puffas and gold/velvet chain belts from River Island circa 2007 absolutely soar. You love to see it.

Screenshot via Instagram/badgalriri

Love is Blind Cast Reveal

For two long years I’ve waited for the words “and obviously I’m Nick Lachey” to fill my living room once more, and now the return of the pods is so close I can almost taste the salt from the tears shed during the engagements. Too far? I’m sorry, this show brings it out of me. Head to the Love Is Blind Insta for a creep on the new cast, including Haseeb here who’s flat out buying Asics.

Coffee in an actual cup

It just tastes better, girls. And after the past 2 years feels like a wee luxury. Possibly just me but if it’s a milky coffee, I need to have it in a non-takeaway cup.. something about the cardboard and froth combo just doesn’t spark joy with in me. Even in my keep cup it doesn’t taste the same – maybe it’s because I can’t sit down, appreciate the art and take an inevitable flat lay for Insta stories, who can say for sure. I was at Daddy’s last weekend and while I didn’t enjoy my flattie out of this exact cup, it lives in my memory ever since I saw it on Insta before Christmas. Fellow cup lovers know what’s up.

Heart Shaped Pizza

This pizza looks like Kurt Cobain has been locked inside it for weeks (get it) and honestly, can you think of a better dish to either cry into or share with your loved one this Valentines season? Part of Neat Pizza’s limited edition Valentines menu, available from their Fairview or Smithfield shops. I’m preparing for my Insta feed to be full of these and I’m 100% ready. I’ll be replying to each and every one of them with a fire emoji after approximately 1 (one) glass of rosé.

The Cats With Jobs Twitter page

It’s the wholesome, unproblematic content we all need in our lives. I highly recommend following to break up the hell scape that is an Irish Twitter feed.

Same time, same place next week for a new list of what we’re Lovin in Dublin.

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