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02nd Feb 2022

New specialised ramen restaurant to open on Camden Street next month

Fiona Frawley

Woman and a dog standing in a restaurant in the process of being refurbished - exposed floors, ladders in the background, building equipment etc

The menu has been through hundreds of taste tests to bring Dubliners the best bowl possible.

Nomo Ramen will be bringing its extensive Japanese menu to Camden Street in March of this year, and hopes to be the city’s first specialised ramen restaurant.

Head chef Kevin’s obsession with ramen began at a young age and intensified as he ate the dish in cities all over the world, eventually falling in love with the style offered in New York and LA. Now, the goal for Nomo is to combine both eastern and western flavours using specialised Japanese ingredients. Their search for a location for their Dublin restaurant began in 2020 and they’re delighted to have found a home for their lovingly prepared noodles.

The noodles in question are  specially made by Sun Noodles, a company based near New York – the main provider to ramen restaurants across the U.S. and beyond.

Nomo is set to offer a range of different ramen, with the star of the show set to be their Tori Paitan (chicken broth) which is blended with whole chicken and vegetables and simmered for 7 hours to reach a specific consistency. We can also expect vegan bowls and a curated selection of starters and drinks.

We look forward to paying them a visit!

Header image via Instagram/nomo_ramen

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