5 Sunday Roast Dinners In Dublin That Will Change Your Life Forever

Skip brunch and go straight for a roast today

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For the past few years it feels as if brunch culture has taken over Dublin, which we are super happy with of course, but one meal that shouldn't get overlooked is the Sunday lunch. 

While you'll get an amazing version of the carvery in most local pubs, we wanted to shine light on some of the very best high-end Sunday roasts Dublin has to offer. 

Skip breakfast today and head nice and hungry because with roasties, all the sides, big portions of meat drowned in gravy — this is what life is all about...

1. The Exchequer — City Centre 

Order in advance and choose between chicken, pork of beef. 

They do deals with a bottle of wine thrown in and have amazing cocktails and craft beers to wash it all down with.

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2. The Old Spot — Bath Ave, D4

A really excellent gastro pub where the food is absolutely outstanding. 

You can go for either the beef or the chicken for two people and, if you ask nicely, they'll even do it for one person. 

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3. Brookwood — Baggot Street

Known as one of the best steak houses in Dublin, they really start to shine on a Sunday when they focus on roast Sunday beef. 

Great value and a wonderful experience.

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4. Fire — Dawson Street

A gorgeous room that has been majorly revamped, the portions here are absolutely amazing and when the food begins to arrive at the table it feels like you're about to tuck into a huge Roman style feast.

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5. The Butcher Grill — Ranelagh

We all know that they serve world class steaks here and a recent addition to the weekend offering is a roast Sunday lunch that is as good as it gets. 

Everything is amazing, but its all about the sides here. Try them all.

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