Dublin named amongst top four 'best cities for vegans' by National Geographic 

By Sarah Finnan

February 9, 2021 at 10:42am


Have you been wondering what the best cities for vegans are? Well, wonder no more as National Geographic has named their top eight pics - including Dublin.

Eating a vegan plant-based diet has never been easier than it is these days, particularly for anyone living in Dublin.

Blessed with a myriad of tasty options at our fingertips, choices range from an ever-growing array of vegan produce in local grocery shops to dedicated vegan-specific restaurants. A fact that hasn't gone unnoticed - by the city's vegans or by those further afield.

Publishing a list of the eight best cities to be vegan in, National Geographic - one of the world's leading magazine publications - named Dublin amongst the fray... even going so far as to rank our capital within the top five.

Coming in fourth on the list, other cities to be mentioned include Warsaw, Seoul and Bengaluru in India.


Giving special mention to a Cork and Galway as well, the article claims that the "pace at which Ireland's vegan scene has grown" is "extraordinary". Going on to say that "Dublin steals the show", here's what the National Geographic team said about our fair city's vegan scene.

"Ranked among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world, it eschews light, California-style dishes for the kind of food that will warm you on a walk along the River Liffey.

"Standouts include cauliflower, fennel tofu and wakame pie at Cornucopia and home-grown baked potatoes with battered sausage and curry sauce from takeaway restaurant McGuinness. Vegan bakery Buttercream Dream and Sova Vegan Butcher should also be on your radar."

Reacting to the news that Dublin is one of the top four best cities for vegans, owners at Cornucopia - a haven for vegan and veggie eats - tweeted to say:


"If eating plants or being vegan is a trend then we have been pretty trendy since 1986!!"

Vegan feast for dinner tonight it is.

Header image via Instagram/Cornucopia


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