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19th Mar 2021

Dublin spot confirms their ‘premiere spritz counter’ is back open

Sarah Finnan


Aperol spritz. That caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, one Dublin spot has reopened their custom spritz counter so read on to find out more. 

Sun is shining, and the promise of summer hangs on the air. We know it’s still only March, but we’re optimists and ever-hopeful that the good weather is here to stay. Our winter coats have been thrown to the back of the wardrobes, we’ve rooted the picnic blanket out from under the bed and we have an awful goo on us for cocktails. Aperol spritzes to be specific.

The (un)official taste of summer, they’re a staple on most drinks menus and one Dublin spot has just about made our week with the news that their custom spritz counter is back in action.

Confirming that the “Rialto Riviera’s premiere spritz counter” is now open, staff at The Circular shared a photo of the set-up over on Instagram, claiming that they’re ready and waiting for your “daily passeggiata down the Strada Circolare del Sud”.


Available all weekend from Decent Drinks Club by The Circular, so, go forth and enjoy – as long as they’re within your 5km and you do so safely of course.

Would highly (HIGHLY!) recommend picking up a croissandwich while you’re there too. A hybrid croissant/sandwich, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds and you’d be a fool to voluntarily pass that up. Just my opinion, but tell me I’m wrong…

Header image via Instagram/Decent Drinks Club 

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