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01st Mar 2020

Our top viewed videos from February

Alan Fisher

Staying in? Lovin Dublin’s Date Box meal kit is officially available to order. Go on and treat yourself!

It’s been a great month of exploring, trying new things and meeting interesting people.

We got to look at some new restaurant openings, try out the salt cave experience, meet Joe who is Dublin’s Dementia Friendly Barber and of course, a lot of pancake content.

We love getting out and exploring everything this city has to offer so you can go and do the same.

Here are our top viewed videos from February:

1) Salt Caves

2) Dublin’s Dementia Friendly Barber

3) AntiSocial

4) Ramen Co

5) Trying Heinz Ketchup Chocolates

6) Avoca’s Pancakes

7) Best Pancakes in Dublin

8) The City Speaks

9) Alma’s Pancakes

10) The Carrot’s Tail’s Pancakes