Seven Dishes That'll Warm You Up This Chilly Monday

Beat the "first Monday in January" blues

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January is a pretty grim month.

It's as dark in the morning as it is when you go to bed, it's almost icy, your lips are chapped as a result and you're scraping pennies.

I know the STRUG.

Well, I'm not a time wizard nor can I change the season but what I CAN do is help you find a dish that will bring some colour back in your cheeks, fill your belly and heart and be kind to your financial situation.

This will surely make your first Monday in January that little bit better.

Here's seven dishes that are hot, hot, hot:

1. Chickpea Hotpot - Two Pups

A big bowl of steamy chickpeas - delish!

This fantastic hotpot is made from cozy chickpeas and apricot, topped with McNally’s organic roast crown prince pumpkin and finished with a dollop of buttermilk dressing.

Get in my belly.

2. Minestrone - The Punnet

Minestrone is one of the most underrated dishes around - You've got fresh yummy tomatoes, carby spaghetti strands and a whole lot of veg.

The dream really.

3. Thai Green Curry - Neon

I'm a huge fan of Thai Green Curry and I'd go as far to say that Neon has the best in the city.

One of the best parts is it's loaded in sauce, so you could almost drink it as a soup. It's also got that spicy kick that's sure to unblock that stuffy nose of yours.

The ideal cure.

4. Chickpea Curry - Little Bird

This coconutty curry is like a warm hug.

If you're starting the new year with a health kick, Little Bird is a fab place to visit. Most of their menu is super healthy and they even have their very own yoga studio in the back, so you can have a stretch before you go back to work.

5. Tonkotsu - The Ramen Bar

If you can't kick the cold from your bones there's no place better to visit than The Ramen Bar.

You can make your bowl as spicy as you like to give you that extra heat.

Chopsticks at the ready!

6. Pasta - Fallon & Byrne

Fallon & Byrne in Rathmines has a stunning pasta bar at the back of the store where they make fresh pasta right in front of you.

Try their mushroom sauce - it's the stuff of gods.

7. Seafood Chowder - Klaw

Seafood chowder is a force to be reckoned with on chilly days.

Klaw know seafood so there's no doubt that their chowder is beyond tasty.

You can get two crab toasts, a small chowder and a soft drink for a tenner from Monday - Thursday 12-3pm.


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