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16th Dec 2021

The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

"The L List" written in a white box on a red background, with white line illustrations of burgers, pizza slices, pints and fancy G&Ts in the sides of the image.

Seeing as we blinked and it’s all of a sudden five minutes til Christmas, this weeks instalment will have a heavy festive influence.

If not now, when, am I right fellas?

Over the last seven days I personally have been obsessing over seasonal coffee, a trampoline interview and Sky Atlantic true crime dramas. Obviously.

Looking for a bitta inspo for what to eat, drink and watch over the weekend? Here’s a small rundown to get you started.

Christmas Pizza from Coke Lane

Don’t tell the Italians but I’m extremely excited by the prospect of turkey and stuffing on a pizza. If you’ve had the Magnum Pi Hawaiian from Coke Lane (haters back off), you’ll know there’s nothing like that slow cooked, shredded ham hock. With the rest of the festive bits added in, this pie should be high on your list of what to eat.

Available from Coke Lane at Lucky’s on Meath Street and The Circular in Rialto.

The general vibe at Soren & Son

The latest addition to Dublin 8’s already thriving coffee scene is a peaceful, calming experience with strong Scandi vibes throughout. For coffee nuts there are two options on the bar to choose from at the moment, Costa Rican and El Salvador, and also their retail wall is fully stacked for any last minute Christmas pressies. Definitely worth a visit.

Find Soren & Son at 1 Dean Street, Dublin 8

Gingerbread Latte from Inhale Coffee Bar

When working from home, Inhale is my local and they consistently nail it with the seasonal coffee. Their PSL back in October allowed me to reach my fully evolved form of basic bitch and their gingerbread latte genuinely is Christmas in a cup. It also comes with a free gingerbread biccie for dunking in the whipped cream. A thing of beauty.

Find Inhale Coffee Bar on Quinn’s Road in Shankill 

Landscapers on Sky Atlantic

I ploughed through this four episode series at a healthy pace over the course of two evenings (thank you, cancelled plans) and it was an excellent watch. It’s the true story of a seemingly normal English couple coming under scrutiny after two bodies are found in a back garden in Nottingham, and the style is as if someone combined classic old French films with Tony Soprano’s fever dreams. And obviously, Olivia Colman is perfect.

Available to watch on Sky Atlantic

Stephen Donnelly interviewing himself about trampolines

If you don’t yet follow Justine Stafford on Insta, Twitter and beyond, consider this your sign to do so. Her creativity and editing wizardry knows no bounds, and I’ve watched this video she put together of Stephen Donnelly interviewing himself about trampolines about 18 times now.

Tune in next week for more recommendations on what to eat, drink and watch in Dublin’s fair city!

Header image via Lovin Dublin

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