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12th Oct 2018

These Are The 10 Best Gin Cocktails In Dublin Right Now

Alana Laverty

Gin mixed with tonic could be our favourite combination in the entire world.

But sometimes you want a little bit more out of your gin.

Something fruity. Something sweet. Something bitter.

Something involving other kinds of alcohol.

And that’s where the cocktail comes in.

1. Bramble — Drury Buildings

You just can’t go wrong with a bramble.

Gin and blackberries <3

2. Hendricks Highball — Canal Bank Cafe

At €13 it ain’t cheap, but it is a TOTAL delight.

Hendricks with elderflower and grapefruit. Yes.

3. Summer in Surrey — Chelsea Drugstore

€11.50 for Beefeater gin and Chateau De Breuil VSOP Calvados shaken together with homemade strawberry shrub and smokey black tea.

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 28 12

4. Gin and Sin — The Gin Palace

The cheapest on the list at €6.50, it simply consists of gin, orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine shaken over ice.

Sometimes simple is best, yano?

5. Heartbreaker — Taco Taco

A dreamy concoction of gin, strawberry jam, rosewater and lime (€11.50).


Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 15 33 20

6. Southside Fizz — Zozimus

Tanqueray gin with mint, tonic, lime and soda.

Simple, but so good. Yours for €12.

7. Cherry Me — Sam’s Bar

Beefeater gin, cherry brandy, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda water and maraschino cherries.

The best part? It’s only set you back 10 squids.

8. Navy Punch — Angelina’s

Plymouth gin, fresh grapefruit, almond, ginger, cloves, velvet Falernum, homemade all-spice and lemon juice.

Eleven beans for this dreamy bev.

9. Botanic Avenue — MVP

Tanqueray gin, Cynar, Manzanilla sherry, dandelion syrup, orange and white grapefruit.

Described as sharp and vegetal (floral) — this one’s a dream for €11.

10. Devilshoof — Balfes

Gin muddled with fresh basil leaves. limoncello and and lemon bitters.

Dreamy and €10.50.

We’ll take one of each, please.

Header images: Taco Taco

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