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04th Apr 2019

Vegan Recipes Needing Inspiration? Have A Goo At These Cookery Instagram Accounts

Rebecca Keane

Vegan diets are only getting more and more popular.

Whether it’s for personal health reasons, to lose weight, or to adopt a more sustainable approach to combat climate change, everyone has their own reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle.

If you’ve just recently started out as a vegan or are a long-time vegan eater, these Instagram accounts will surely make your tummy rumble.

Yung Roshawn

Roshawn creates cuisine from Italian to Asian to even chicken fillet rolls, all 100% vegan.

If you’ve thought of a dish, trust her to make it A) completely vegan and B) look absolutely mouthwatering.

Green Eggs

Sam Pearson is a dab hand at not only vegan cookery but also gardening!

A daring chef, Sam recreates hungover favourites such as doner kebabs and Sunday roasts with little ease.


3 Irish girls come together to list and review vegan restaurants and options.

Story highlights on their page include recipes for a pumpkin spice latte (fancy), banoffee pie and even potato salad. Delish!


SoGlowMe is one resourceful chef in the kitchen.

Using leftovers, unusual ingredients and crazy combinations, her dishes often surprise but will leave you salivating.

Roux sauce, strudel and tofu scramble are just some of the delights she’s filmed before.

Vegan Sandwich Company

The James Kavanagh and William Murray of vegan sandwiches, prepare to see a whole lot more of Vegan Sandwich Co.

Breakfast rolls, chicken fillet rolls and a whole lot more, we’re super excited to see what lunchtime staple they’ll tackle next.

Whether it’s lunchtime inspiration or a dinner party coming up, why not make what you’re cooking vegan for a change? Your tastebuds may well be pleasantly surprised.