7 great vegan pizza slices and pies to try in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

January 8, 2024 at 12:42pm


We come bearing plant-based gifts.

For a small city, Dublin more than hauls its weight in terms of vegan offering.

In the years since the pandemic we've sadly seen the closure of a number of beloved plant-based spots around town (Vegan Sandwich Co, Veginity, Dae Ice-cream - the list goes on), but luckily there are still plenty of Dublin eateries catering to the vegan community - particularly in the pizza department.

Providing an alternative to the melty, meaty texture and taste of a great pizza slice isn't easy - any good vegan offering still needs to be able to satisfy your cravings after a night of dancing, during a rushed lunchtime or plonked on the couch on a Friday night after a tiresome week. It needs to be deliciously savoury with a bubbly crust, and if there happens to be vegan dip on-hand for dunking, even better.

Maybe you've committed to doing Veganuary. Perhaps you're a plant-based babe visiting Dublin or you just want to reduce your meat intake. In any case, we're here to help. Here's a round up of 7 Dublin pizzerias offering great vegan slices and pies.



This Smithfield staple is known and loved for its trademark rosemary roasted potato pizza with salty smoked pancetta, but vegans can join the party too with Bonobo's roast pumpkin, courgette and cashew cheese pizza, lovingly drizzled with plant-based tomato pesto.

Smithfield in general is a bit of a haven for vegan food with the likes of V-Face and Token with its highly sought after vegan spice bag all in close proximity - the trendy 'burb is definitely worth a visit if you're in Dublin and looking to steer clear of animal products.



Parliament Street 

These days in Dublin you can't swing a cat without hitting at least three perfectly bubbly, Neapolitan style bases with artisanal toppings, but before this kinda pie became the order of the day DiFontaines was flying the flag for pizza enthusiasts with cheesy New York style slices, ready and waiting to cure all your post-Workman's blues.

They've also been quietly coming through with not one but two vegan slices - their original vegan slice with homemade cashew ricotta, Follow Your Heart Mozzarella and parmesan shreds, and their spinach slice with a very convincing vegan feta crumble. They're cheesy and as rich as your mam's lasagne, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Coke Lane

The Circular and Lucky's

More of a veg heavy option than some of the other slices on this listicle, Coke Lane's Ponte pizza incorporates their trademark lightly scorched crust with delicate courgette ribbons, fragrant basil, roasted red pepper and florets of cashew ricotta. You can also keep things simple with their Marinara 'za - a lighter pizza allowing the tangy tomato sauce and herby oregano to speak for themselves. You can enjoy Coke Lane at two locations - The Circular in Rialto and Lucky's in the Liberties.

Dublin Pizza Company

Aungier Street 

This spot is widely regarded among the Lovin team as one of the best pizza joints in Dublin, and once you try it for yourself you'll see why.


Dublin Pizza Company started after a trip to Naples where they learned the art of pizza making, before returning to Ireland to put these new skills to the test. DPC then built a polytunnel (yes, you read that right) in order to achieve the freshest ingredients possible.

In terms of vegan options you've got the Melanzana, with savoury flavours coming in the form of roasted aubergine and toasted pine nuts and the tart sweetness of balsamic and cherry tomatoes cutting through. The Melanzana is also available as part of DPC's extremely reasonable lunch deal - a tenner for a pizza and a soft drink.


Ranelagh and Temple Bar 

Sano quickly rose to glory on the Dublin pizza scene for being affordable and no-fuss, while still serving up delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their handmade dough is carefully proven for 48 hours before being baked at a high heat, their toppings are uncomplicated with a focus on quality and both of their Dublin locations are the perfect places to meet a pal for a catch-up.

They also always have a couple of vegan options on the go - you can opt for vegan cheese with red semi dried tomato, cauliflower and potato, or the cream of courgette with red onion, olives and walnuts. For your dunking needs there's a vegan chilli dip, and a plant-based hazelnut and orange tart for dessert.


Drury Street 


Mani opened just before Christmas and has already established itself as a firm Dublin fave, where bubbly, Romanesque, cloud-like bases are served up with a side of people watching.

These guys are known for slices which are "basically the opposite of traditional pizza" - light, crispy and easy to digest, with a highly hydrated, bubbly dough. For vegan pizza lovers Mani comes through with a carb-on-carb offering - The Potato Slice. Thinly sliced roosters are artfully placed beside leeks & Crema di Nocciola to create a creamy, satisfying bite, and they've also got their classic marinara slice if you're looking to keep things simple and delicious in equal measures.


Stephen Street Lower 

Since opening in 2022 Bambino have amassed such a loyal following they've almost verged into meme territory, with everyone and their Granny citing the Stephen Street spot as the best pizza in Dublin.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone to tell you it's not worth the hype though, and Bambino's vegan sausage slice is no exception.

This is one of those dishes that'll have you forgetting you're eating plant-based for just a brief moment in time - the cheese melts perfectly, the (vegan) hot honey drizzle adds that always welcomed sweet kick and best of all, there's a creamy vegan garlic dip so you can dunk to your heart's content. It's a bit of a mouthful to order the "Vegan sausage slice with the vegan hot honey and vegan garlic dip, please" whilst stood at the top of the winding queue, but the reward is well worth it.

Did we miss out your favourite vegan pizza in Dublin? Let us know!