Yassified S'mores and the best Crème Brûlée - 7 desserts you need to try in Dublin in 2023

By Fiona Frawley

January 20, 2023 at 3:36pm


For all those who sheepishly utter "sure we'll have a look" when the dessert menus are carted out.

As a nation we're fairly divided down the middle when it comes to sweet/savoury preferences, but it's hard to deny the inherent excitement we feel within when the crumbles and cheesecakes baked or otherwise emerge from the kitchen.

Dessert has the potential to make dinner feel like a more special occasion, especially as the bulk of us would have spent our childhoods looking longingly at the menu before it being swiped away and replaced with a slightly less enticing offering from a multi-pack of choc ices. Still great and all, just lacking the glamour of a dessert plate decorated with an artful spurt of chocolate sauce or coulis.

If you believe dessert is the literal cherry on top of any evening out, we've rounded up a selection of 7 you need to try in Dublin right now.

Crème Brûlée from Chez Max

I mean, where else would you really be going for a crème brûlée in Dublin? Serious top-cracking potential from this ramekin of creamy vanilla goodness. I'll admit it, I often find myself unable to finish a crème brûlée - they can be a lot of gooey-ness with not much crunch to go with it - but I'll always devour this one like an over-enthused Labrador.

Find Chez Max on Palace Street, and keep up with them HERE


Chocolate Choux Bun from Pichet

One of Dublin's favourite spots for a ✨special occasion✨ dinner, and this bouncy choux bun has the wow factor you need to polish off such an evening. The kind of final course you'd all be whipping out your phones to take a snap of, with an optimum balance of cake-y and creamy. Would recommend to a friend. 

Find Pichet on Trinity Street, and keep up with them HERE

DIY-cheesecake from Mad Egg

Maybe a bit of an obvious one - the reputation of this customisable cheesecake proceeds it - but just incase you hadn't heard, you can play god and create the dessert of your dreams at any one of Mad Egg's four Dublin locations - add your chocolate bar of choice to their creamy house cheesecake, sit back and enjoy.

Mad Egg have locations in Blanchardstown, Dundrum and two in the city centre - keep up with them HERE


Paris-Brest from Library Street

A melt-in-your-mouth take on a French classic, lovingly assembled with the best of Irish produce - espresso ice-cream from Dublin roastery Cloud Picker is a focal point of the dish. It's nutty, creamy and luxurious - like an elevated Ferrero Roche. The stuff of dreams, honestly.

Find Library Street at Setanta Place, Dublin 2, and keep up with them HERE

Deep-fried Mantou with Coconut Condensed Milk from Big Fan Bao

Deep-fried anything has a special place in my heart - probably quite literally at the rate I consume it - and this Mantou from Big Fan Bao is no exception. A well-revered cornerstone of the Dublin foodie scene, Big Fan don't do anything in half measures - including this upgraded version of a Chinese food staple. A soft steamed bun is deep fried in a sweet batter and then accompanied by creamy coconut condensed milk - don't knock it til you've tried it.

Find Big Fan Bao on Aungier Street, and keep up with them HERE


Digestive S'mores with Swiss Meringue and Chocolate Ganache

You can always be guaranteed The Pepper Pot Café will knock it out of the park when it comes to desserts - they're as skilled in this area as they are in the art of setting up the perfect spaces for people-watching. Incorporating nostalgic flavours and the ice-cream sambo shape we know and love, this yassified s'more is the perfect accompaniment to your weekend coffee.

Find Pepper Pot Café in The Powerscourt Town Centre, and keep up with them HERE

Header image via Instagram/librarystdublin

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