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20th Dec 2016

Highlights And Colouring – 7 Dublin Hair Salons That Are A Cut Above The Rest

Alana Laverty

There is nothing worse than a dodgy hair experience.

Whether they’ve taken an extra three inches off than you had asked for or they’ve decided to put an orange lowlight throughout your gorgeous blonde – we’ve all been there and it’s beyond traumatising. 

Highlights in Dublin can be so expensive but I’ve genuinely grown to just suck it up. If you want a job well done, and to keep your dream hair colour, then sometimes you’ve gotta just splash out on the experts.

I only need to get highlights every five months, so it’s an investment really. Right?

Here are seven excellent salons in Dublin.

1. Hessions

My go-to when I want nothing less than a great job done. Hessions‘ highlights are always perfect.

They do exactly what you ask them to – no more, no less.

And they stock Olaplex, the amazing magical potion that makes you hair look and feel like silk after bleaching. 

If you’re a student, they do 15% off Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


2. Style Club

The coolest of the cool, and always a little bit too far out of my price range, Style Club are renowned for their colour. 

If you’ve the cash to pay for a pricier blend then go for it, you won’t be disappointed, as long as you tell them EXACTLY what you’re after. 

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3. Ultimate Hair & Beauty

I only discovered this place in the GPO Arcade recently, when my roots were nearly down passed my knees, and I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

Whenever I ask hairdressers if I can go blonder, they always say no and tell me that my hair can’t go blonder, blah, blah, blah.

But I can happily announce that I’m blonder than ever and it’s all thanks to these guys. They also offer Olaplex treatments – which I’d highly advise if you’re gonna go blonder. 

They also offer half price off all colouring and highlights when you pay for a cut on Mondays and Tuesdays. 


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4. Cowboys & Angels

These guys are famous for their hair extensions – but the key to any good head of extensions is an excellent colour.

And they do just that. 

They also do an excellent colour transformation so if you’re hair is looking sad and dull you may wanna book in here ASAP.

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5. Zeba

I’ve been to Zeba in Sandymount a few times and have always been thrilled with the results.

They also have salons on South William Street and in Maynooth. They are pricy, but I think we’ve established that most highlighting and colouring in town is. 

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6. Alan Keville

The holy grail of Dublin hair salons, Alan Keville is located just off Grafton Street.

It’s not even the priciest on this list, but you can bet it is 100% one of the best places to get colouring and highlights done in the city centre. 

They can get booked out very fast, so book well in advance. 

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7. Dylan Bradshaw

They pride themselves on their raw and innovative approach to hairdressing.

And you can see why. 

Dylan Bradshaw are a cool crew, with some serious skill. 

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As they say, blondes have more fun. 

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