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03rd Dec 2018

Dublin Woman’s Viral Message Helps Return ‘Large Amount Of Money’ Meant For Family’s Christmas Presents

Kiara Keane

A large amount of money has been returned to its rightful owner after being found by a woman in Blanchardstown.

Emma Tutty had shared a Facebook post trying to track down the person who lost the money, which she had discovered along with a list of children’s Christmas toys.

She wrote, ‘Large amount of money was found in Blanchardstown, with a kids toy list, please please help get this back to the rightful owner, I will need you to give me the list, and the description of the bag before anything is handed over.’

It quickly went viral with over 19,000 shares as people tried to help track down the original owner.

Thankfully, the woman was soon found – and it turned out she had lost the money while travelling from Waterford to visit her sick daughter in St James’s hospital.

Emma later wrote, ‘She was on her way to see her daughter who’s in a coma in James hospital.

‘She stopped off in Blanch village to take the money out, but obviously she dropped it, but she actually thought she was mugged in town as she thought she felt someone at her bag, so happy she got it back and thanks to everyone that has shared the status.’

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