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27th Aug 2021

This Dublin based photographer captures the most beautiful ballet images all around the city centre

Katy Thornton

Who’d have thought ballet and Dublin City would go so well together?

We’re sure you’ve seen this TikTok compilation of ballet dancer Meagan Hoare posing all around Dublin. The shoot was for Moldovan photographer Elena, or @ev_photostudio on Instagram. Elena has travelled all over the world but settled in Dublin to create her work. The photos are astonishing, but you have to check out the TikTok compilation below too.

I had the pleasure of speaking to ballet dancer and model, Meagan, and she filled me in on the challenges and delights of the photoshoot. She said she was excited by the concept as, “it’s very common to shoot in bigger cities such as New York and London but no one had ever done a shoot like this in Dublin.” She commented that while she and Elena were shooting there were a lot of spectators, possibly due to the fact she was “wearing a leotard and pointe shoes in the middle of O’Connell street” but that she enjoyed it regardless.

The shoot took place at various locations around Dublin City, including O’Connell Street Bridge, Ha’penny Bridge, and Temple Bar. The grace of the poses really offsets the cityscape, creating a beautiful collaboration. Since its release, the shoot has gotten a massively positive response.

Meagan said of the shoot, “hopefully it will expose the talent dancers from Ireland have and create awareness about how vital the arts are especially after how tough this year has been.” The photoshoot wonderfully highlighted the beauty of our city and the importance of the arts in our culture.

In Elena’s Instagram bio she states that she creates magic, and we would have to agree. You can check out more of Elena’s work on her website and on her Instagram.

Header image via Instagram/ev_photostudio 

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