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17th Mar 2021

This place has a Kinder Bueno mocha on their menu and it’s a need, not a want

Sarah Finnan

Kinder Bueno mocha

One Dublin café has just added a new Kinder Bueno mocha to their menu and it sounds like just the kind of coffee/chocolate combo we’d be into.

Coffee and hot chocolate in one? Mochas really don’t get the recognition they deserve. As underrated as they come, it’s not till you have one that you remember how good they are, and suddenly they’re all you want.

Kinda like when you rediscover your toasted sandwich maker hidden at the back of the press. One cheese toastie later and you’re hooked – eating some variation of the same sambo for every meal of the day. Until finally, you grow sick of them and retire the contraption to the back of the press once more.

Well, if the mention of mochas has you suddenly craving one something fierce, then you better hope that B&C Coffee Co. is within your 5km because they have a Kinder Bueno variation that will most definitely hit the spot.

Only a recent addition to the menu – new as of this month – staff have said that it has an “absolutely amazing taste and flavour”, promising that “you will not be disappointed”.

We’ve yet to come across a coffee/chocolate combo we didn’t like so this is sure to be a winner.

Header image via Instagram/B&C Coffee Co

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