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10th Dec 2020

WATCH: After eight years, this Dublin dog’s Christmas wish to be adopted came true

Rory Cashin

We’re not crying. You’re crying! And also, yes, we’re crying too…

It is December and it is the tail end of a very emotional year and our tear-ducts are being triggered by ads with an old lady getting her gate fixed by her kind neighbours, so really we’re crying at the drop of a hat lately.

All that being said, even the most stone-hearted person can’t help but be moved by this lovely story.

The fantastic folks at Dog’s Trust have been taking care of Oscar the Labrador for the last eight years, and as Dog’s Trust tell it, “Last year, we wrote a letter to Santa on Oscar’s behalf, appealing for a family to adopt him. In exchange, he promised to bring them on long walks, entertain them with his impressive repertoire of tricks and play fetch for hours.”

Yes, we know, you want to cry already, but hold off, there is more to come.

Why has Oscar been there for so long? Well, canine carer Cheryl Monaghan said that “As a carer you try not to get too attached to a dog because you hope before long, they will find their Forever Home – but Oscar became a favourite as we got to know him! Each year would pass, and Oscar would still be overlooked for being too strong, too big, and then sadly, too old.”

Nope! Hold those tears!

It turns out that Oscar’s letter to Santa was found and read, as his Christmas wish has come true this year. Brian Lahiff told Dogs Trust that “After losing my dog, and best friend Jake, I knew I wanted to give another dog a second chance at happiness. I chose Oscar for one reason, and one reason only, Oscar had spent eight years waiting to be adopted. He deserved a chance to spend his final years on the outside looking in, rather than the inside looking out. Although I was broken hearted when Jake passed, I knew he would like me to adopt one of his buddies in Dogs Trust and give another dog a taste of the happy life that he and I spent together.”

Okay, yes, now you can cry. And so can we. (sobs)

Check out Oscar’s eight-year journey to his forever home right here:

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