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27th Jul 2021

Consider this new Santry cafe for your next coffee run

Fiona Frawley

For most of us, the coffee run is just something we do in the morning to allow us to function as a human being in the world.

But for this new cafe in Santry, it’s a name inspired by its owners time as a 400 metre athlete. Pretty impressive, it has to be said.

We obviously wouldn’t be medal-winning runners ourselves now, but I can definitely see myself Forrest Gump-ing it down to this new spot. The interior is stunning with plenty of cute repurposed seating for when we’re ready to head indoors once more, and there are loads of tasty pastry and sambo options to enjoy with your flattie. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, they’re the only spot in Dublin to stock Freezin Friesian, this delish artisan ice cream from a pedigree friesian herd in Waterford. I’m sure this isn’t why they chose to stock it, but it just so happens to match very nicely with their coffee machine.

Coffee Run opens its doors in Santry tomorrow, so definitely put it on the agenda for this weeks hump-day treat!

Header image via Instagram/Coffee Run

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