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18th Feb 2022

Meet Heisenburger, the latest addition to Dublin’s burger scene

Fiona Frawley

table and chairs outside a restaurant, on the table is an assortment of burgers, loaded fries and milkshakes

Juicy patty lovers, assemble.

After a tumultuous journey since their original opening date back in December (covid restrictions, the vengeful wrath of omicron and pretty much everything else that could possibly be thrown at a new business opening in this day and age), Heisenburger are officially reopened for biz with a menu of dreams stacked with beef, chicken and vegan options along with a generous selection of sides and dips.

Despite the challenges they’ve faced, Heisenburger have managed to secure a 100% 5/5 rating on Google and a quick look at the menu would tell you why. The Richmond Street joint appear to have combined all the dream elements of our favourite fast food spots – inventive milkshake flavours, build your own options and pretty much every incarnation of loaded fries imaginable, they’ve got it all.

I’ve personally got my eye on the Kimi-Samy burger (crispy buttermilk chicken, kimchi slaw, maple glazed streaky bacon and Pico de Gallo), jammy pig and cheese fries (not sure what they are but with a name like that, I feel we’ll get along) the cereal killer milk shake (complete with coco pops and whipped cream) and sure I might as well throw in a portion of onion fries while I’m at it. Just for research purposes, like.

Heisenburger are located on South Richmond Street and open Wednesday – Sunday, 4pm-10pm.

Header image via Instagram/heisenburgerdublin

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