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13th Aug 2021

Horse boxes out, geo-domes in? This Kilmainham cafe may be starting a new trend

Fiona Frawley

Over the past year, Ireland has welcomed more horse boxes and containers than Cheltenham and Dublin Port combined, and tbh we’re grateful.

These dotey coffee spots are what got us through lockdown and guarantee us a cute bitta daily content for the gram. But you’d have to wonder, what’s next for the coffee landscape of Dublin? Well friends, I can confirm the future is here, and it’s dome shaped.

Say hello to Geo Coffee, a cute new spot that’s just popped up in Kilmainham. You can’t miss them, they’re the ones with the see-through dome shaped roof.

You’d think looking this Instagrammable would be a full-time job but they’re also finding time to pour good old reliable Bewleys coffee, serve up every type of ice cream sundae you could imagine and dole out delicious artisan sambos. Just look at this cheesy dream:

Immense. They’ve also got the obligatory iced lattes with a rake of flavour options including caramel, hazelnut and even cotton candy, fresh lemonades and these magical looking unicorn hot chocolates:

Oh, and don’t worry, they’re pet friendly and your doggo will absolutely be sorted in the puppacino department.

It’s what your lil guy or gal deserves after a long hard day of being the best.

You can hit up Geo Coffee Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and Saturdays 11-3. We can’t wait to pop in!

Header image via Instagram/Geo Coffee Kilmainham

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