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17th Aug 2019

This Sustainable Coffee Shop Opened Up In Bray And It’s Unreal

Alan Fisher

These guys are on the ball when it comes to eco-friendly products.

Catalyst recently opened its doors in Bray and everyone is raving about it already.

Not only is the coffee unreal, but all of their products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

This is a massive step in the right direction and, for me, a deciding factor on what coffee shop I’d be choosing to go to.

Not only are their takeaway cups compostable, but the sit-in coffee cups are Huskee Cups which are made from the husk of a coffee bean. Incredible stuff.

They also stock coffee from Imbibe, who are Irish roasters that deliver all their beans in cans and when the beans are out, the roasters come back, drop off new tins and take the empties back to be refilled.

On top of this, they retail sustainable, eco-friendly products such as floor cleaners, soaps and even tablet toothpaste.

Hats off to these guys for going all-in from the start.

Hopefully, more cafés and restaurants will be inspired by Catalyst and follow the same path.

We also hugely respect how they embrace and even promote their neighbours/competitors as seen on their Insta stories. They recently stuck up a story noting how good the coffee was in Copper And Straw with a #supportlocal.