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15th Aug 2023

Have you checked out Dublin 7 open air food market Cowtown?

Katy Thornton

Somewhere to soak up the last of those long summer evenings.

Open air food market Cowtown launched over the summer to Dublin 7 locals, the ideal place to stop by for casual drinks and some tasty grub.

Cowtown is based at the top of Prussia Street, and is fittingly named, given the old cattle market used to operate there.

They currently have three permanent food vendors on site – Outcasts, Rustic Pizza, and Ellie’s Kitchen – and they are open seven days a week.


Outcasts are one of the very few places in Dublin that specialises in the NY style bagel. While sandwiches in all other forms are praised in this county, bagels are often over-looked (and they’re my personal favourite when it comes to sambos) but Outcasts put them on the map with their variations.

Choosing a bagel is the hard part; Outcasts do seven different bagels, from sweet and simple like the Peanut Butter and Jam, or carb loaded like their Spud-udi-dopalicious which is packed with fried spuds, scrambled eggs, smoked black pudding, chorizo, sautéed onions, smoked cheese, and spicy mayo.

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Rustic Pizza

With nine different pizza variations, including vegan offering The Botanical Hunter, Rustic may just be the best spot to get some grub with your pals who all have different dietary requirements.

Choose between something with a bit of spice like the Fanning the Flame (tomato sauce, grated mozzarella, pepperoni, nduja sausage, jalapeños and fresh rocket) or something a little sweeter like the Tribe of Jassa (tomato sauce, grated mozzarella, parma ham, fresh pineapple and sweetcorn) – pineapple on pizza naysayers be damned.

The dips on offer are either blue cheese herby garlic mayo, or if you’re dairy free / vegan, they also have a sun-dried tomato pesto which also looks incredible.

Ellie’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for African-inspired food in Ireland, Ellie’s Kitchen is where to go. Owner Ellie Kisyombe is a founder, a mother, an activist, and a political candidate. She has her own range of hot sauces, caters for events, as well as running her café on Killarney Street.

You can expect to find charcoal chilli peri peri chicken, spice yellow rice, lamb stew, and much more from the South African Barbecue menu to sink your teeth into at the Ellie’s Kitchen vendor.

If you work nearby and want to pop in for a post-office meal, or you’re planning your next weekend and cannot resist a food market, make sure Cowtown is on your list of places to go.

Header images via Instagram / Cowtown


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