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18th Aug 2021

Popular drive thru cafe has a second spot opening up in Mount Merrion!

Fiona Frawley

Since opening at the end of last year, Mint Coffee has been delighting the people of Blackrock and beyond with their unreal sundae and slushie creations.

We’ve been obsessed ever since we got our hands on these stunning lil drive thru sundaes earlier in the summer, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. They also provide the tastiest wraps, sambos and salads and of course coffee itself, all without having to leave your car. We stan the convenience.

Over the summer they upgraded from drive-thru cafe to full on beer garden with three course dinners, a gorge bar with speciality gins and shelter to predict us from the erratic Irish weather, and they’re continuing to grow. Over the weekend they announced on Insta they’d be opening up a new shop, located on Trees Road in Mount Merrion.

This is the ideal location for picking up an iced latte, sundae or whatever you’re having yourself and taking it over to Deer Park to enjoy in the sun (while it’s still here) or for stopping off and rewarding yourself after your walk.

The new spot will be opening up in September, and in the meantime you can keep on driving thru on Stradbrook Road for coffees, treats and delish lunches.

Header image via Instagram/Mint Coffee

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