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09th May 2021

Six sexy Sunday Sambos to get stuck into today in Dublin

Lynda Keogh

If you’re like me, a Sunday roast just reaaaaaally doesn’t do it for me. Yes, I know very controversial.

So, I’m always on the lookout for something a little different to have for my Sunday lunch. This week, there are six delicious sandwiches that I’m contemplating, so I thought I’d share with you!

Korean BBQ Bap @ Fia Cafe 

We’re drooling even looking at this pic; 18h BBQ beef short ribs, fresh Asian styled slaw, honey and paprika butter on a freshly baked bap bun. Oh momma, two please.

Prawn Cocktail Croissant @ Baily Bites at Kish

If you’re feelin’ fancy of a Sunday, this could be the choice for you. Fresh cooked prawns tossed in some delicious  home-made Marie Rose served with some lettuce, onion and dill relish in a freshly baked flakey croissant.

Avo Smash-Halloumi-Hummus-Poachie-Perfection @ Two Boys Brew

Okay, okay so that might not be the official name, but we felt that this was all encompassing. Get yourself down to TBB now for this bad boy! Toasted sourdough with a schmear of lemon-garlic hummus, a dollop of avo-smash, topped with a perfectly poached poachie and sticks of crunchy halloumi. A few crunchy nuts and a spicy sauce to top it all off. Yes to all of it!

Vegan Bacon Cheese Truffle Bap @ Love Supreme

Just waaaaait ’til you read what is in this sambo, honest to GODDDD. Two slices of Firehouse vegan sourdough, butter with vegan paragon aioli. Then watercress is added, topped with vegan coconut bacon, slices of vegan cheese and some smokey mushrooms, perfected with a sprinkling of ceremonious chives and a dash of truffle oil. The lads are Love Supreme have 100000% promised that this baby is vegan, and seriously delish!

Creamy mozzarella and salty prosciutto sambo @ Minetta Deli

The crew at Minetta have declared this a sexy Sunday sandwich special, and we would have to agree. Minetta keeps authentic Italian cuisine at its core, so you can get stuffed with your buttered roll – absolutely no chance that’s happening here! They’ve said: “crispy Italian bread, creamy buffalo mozzarella, and salty prosciutto crudo. That’s all. Well maybe I’ll add some balsamic pearls, but THAT’S IT! Simplicity is everything when it comes to Italian food because it’s always ingredients driven, and these are some of the best”.

Miso sesame cookie sandwich @ Southbank Cafe 

Listen, I knowww this is left field, but sambos aren’t always savoury. Get stuck into this sweet lil thing for dessert. Thick, creamy tahini butter cream sandwiched in between two crunchy and chewy white chocolate, miso and sesame cookies. They say, its made for sharing – but we beg to differ!

Lead Image via Instagram/fia_cafe and Instagram/southbankcafe

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