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13th Dec 2019

This Is Where You’ll Find The Best Coffee Shop In South Dublin

Alan Fisher

I know this is going to cause a big stir and obviously everyone is going to have their own say, but in my opinion, this is hands down the best coffee shop in south Dublin.

I’m not just picking this out of the air and saying it either. I’m definitely a bit of a coffee snob and have done my fair share of research – if that’s what you can call me drinking flat whites in my spare time.

But on my great coffee tour, this little gem has definitely stood out.

It is the beautiful Hatch located in Glasthule.

They serve 3fe coffee which is always a good start for any coffee shop. You have more than likely tried 3fe at this stage and it does not disappoint.

If you haven’t tried it keep an eye out, it’s stocked in plenty of coffee shops around Dublin and it’s the best in the business with Badger & Dodo coffee a close second for me.

But it’s not just about the coffee when you visit a coffee shop is it? Of course, it’s the main objective but the reasons for you returning to your favourite one is much more.

You consider vibe, style, interior, atmosphere and your general experience.

The little café is owned by three sisters and you are naturally greeted by the family feel upon entering. It’s always friendly faces and happy to help attitudes.

The inside is decked out with the wooden style benches you often see these days and it works great in their small space along with a white fireplace down the back of the café.

If it’s a warm day, they have benches and chairs out the front so you can chill out and watch the world go by.

I often visit coffee shops purely to get out of my house and work remotely, though Hatch is not necessarily a good option for this with its limited space.

You should be fine on the weekdays but I wouldn’t even try on the weekends.

In terms of food, they only have snack-like options. This isn’t the place you’re going to hit for breakfast or brunch but more for a lovely coffee and a healthy little snack. I always get the homemade flapjack – to die for.

A big selling point for Hatch is their love of dogs and the amount that surrounds the little café on a daily basis.

I can guarantee you will fall in love with the place and at least one dog on a trip out here.