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25th Jan 2022

You can now build your own waffle at this Dundrum pop-up

Katy Thornton

waffle from The Waffler pop-shop in Dundrum

The Waffler pop-up is an absolute haven for waffle lovers.

Dundrum welcomed a brand new food trailer last month, none other than The Waffler, the travelling waffle pop-up shop. The Waffler has been to Greystones, Ballybrack Village, and now resides outside Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the Dundrum Road.

As someone who lives in the Dundrum area, something I always lament is that there aren’t more spots to grab a late night bite or coffee that doesn’t involve going to a bar or a restaurant. Well, The Waffler pop-up opens until 9pm, and has a ton of choice for evening catch ups and snacks.

At The Waffler Dundrum pop-up you build your waffle exactly the way you like it in four easy steps. First, choose your waffle style, then select what cream you’d like. Third, pick out your toppings (of which there are 32!) and finally, choose a sauce to go over the top. You can watch a clip of how they make their dreamy waffles below.

If waffles aren’t your thing (first of all, how dare you) there’s also a range of milkshakes to choose from, including Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher, Bubblegum, and many more.

This spot is dog-friendly with plenty of outdoor seating. The Waffler even provides Woofles for your canine friend, so this pop-up accomodates you both.

We don’t know how long this pop-up is sticking around, so make sure to stop into The Waffler Dundrum pop-up shop to build your perfect waffle while you still can. We know we will.

Header image via Instagram/thewaffler_

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