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13th Apr 2019

Plans For A Lookout Tower Next To The Poolbeg Chimneys Are Being Proposed

Kiara Keane

A new proposal has been put forward to build a tourist lookout tower at the Poolbeg chimneys.

Developer Harry Crosbie, who was the first to start developing the docklands, is behind the plans and hopes that this will open the iconic landmark up to tourism in the future.

The proposal would see visitors accessing the area by ferry. The area around the chimneys would be developed into a tourist site, although the structure of the chimneys would not be interfered with.

Crosbie has already spoken with the architectural firm behind the London Eye and Brighton’s i360, who have agreed to work with him on developing the plans if they go ahead.

The Irish Times reports that Crosbie said, “This will give the city an attraction to rival the Guinness Storehouse.

“When restored and repainted they will proudly reclaim their rightful place in the skyline of our beautiful city.”

However, he added that if the plan gets negative feedback from the public “it will be dropped”.