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27th Jun 2023

Did you know there’s a nudist beach in Dublin?

Katy Thornton

Fancy a skinny-dip?

Corballis Nudist Beach Donabate, not far from Malahide, is just the place for a spot of skinny-dipping or naked bathing in Dublin, if that’s what you’re into.

It may be an unofficial nudist beach, but still, it’s somewhere that people can congregate and enjoy the sun, or any kind of weather, in the nip, if they so choose.

nudist beach dublin

What is a common practice in many European countries is more unusual in Ireland, as we tend to be a bit more modest (or, as previously mentioned, cold) which is why this beach near Malahide will come as a surprise to many.

If you want to embrace this freeing atmosphere, you can partake in Free Naked Beach Yoga this Saturday (July 1st), taking place at Corballis Nudist Beach and in association with the Irish Naturist Society.

Downward facing dog in the nip? Again, why the hell not? Naked yoga, known as Nagna yoga or Vivastra yoga, is a practice that dates back to ancient times. This form of yoga requires no experience or flexibility; it focuses on asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control).

And if you’re not the most flexible, but want to enjoy the feeling of going commando on the beach, well, now you know where exactly to go to in Dublin.

Nice to have somewhere to freeze your tits off all year round.

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