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18th Apr 2018

TDs Certainly Won’t Like This News About The Dáil Bar

James Fenton


It’s fair to say this probably won’t be seen as a positive move inside Leinster House.

TDs and Senators have this week received a letter from the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission stating that a new payment system will be put in place in the Dáil Bar. The scheme will see unpaid tabs automatically deducted from salaries starting from mid-June. Anyone availing of bar tabs will also have to fill out a form beforehand.

The letter, seen by RTÉ, states that:

‘With effect from April 23rd, members will be required in advance of making any new purchases on credit to complete the attached application and deduction mandate form.

‘The completed application forms will authorise the Oireachtas Service to arrange for any outstanding aged debt balances to be deducted by the preferred payment method of either credit/debit card or a salary deduction.

‘New purchase amounts in April 2018 remaining unpaid at end of June 2018 will be automatically deducted from pay in early July 2018 or will be charged to the nominated credit/debit card.”‘

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Sounds like an awful lot of hassle that TDs probably aren’t used to. We could be seeing a boost in business for the pubs around Baggot Street in the near future.

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