Now Here's An Idea - Tayto Park Have Started Hosting Wedding Receptions

Crisp sambos for all.

Mr Tayto Main

Looking for some wedding reception inspo?

Mr. Tayto's got you covered...

Just think of all the photo ops - the rollercoaster, the animals in the zoo, the cute little train, the dino statues - the possibilities are endless!

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Tayto Park Roller Coaster Cgi 1

Not sure what to feed your guests after all the fun and games? 

Well you could grab some pizza at Pizza Place or have a banquet at The Lodge Restaurant...

Taytopizza 2
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Alternatively, you could get the gang to whip up some crisp sambos and finish with this for dessert.

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God, we love Ireland. 

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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