PICS: Paddy Power Has Just 'Dublin-ised' These Kilkenny Shops

And it looks like they'll piss off Southsiders and Northsiders alike...

Northside Southside Paddy Power0003

Paddy Power is up to mischief once again, and the company's latest stunt sees them 'Dublin-ising' their Kilkenny locations. 

The move was prompted by the fact that the Dublin football team are soon to first take part in their first championship game outside Croke Park since 2006, so the bookmakers wanted to ease the transition for the team and their supporters. Nice of 'em.  

Both sides of the Liffey are supposedly being represented, with 'Totes Amazeballs' on Kilkenny's Dean Street representing the Southside, being run by bespoke velour tracksuit-wearing Iseult and her bestie Oisín, a protein shake enthusiast.

Representing the Northside in Paddy Power's Loughboy location is 'Bleedin’ Deadly Offers', left in the charge of Anto, Chantelle, and their Smithfield stallion Rocky.

Take a look at the characters below.

Northside Southside Paddy Power0007
Northside Southside Paddy Power0003
Northside Southside Paddy Power0006
Northside Southside Paddy Power0001
Northside Southside Paddy Power0005

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