This Lost Toy Rabbit Was Treated Like A Guest In A Limerick Hotel And It Was Brilliant

This is just lovely

Toy Rabbit Main

Most hotels would probably put a forgotten toy in a lost & found box, but not this one.

After a young guest left behind their little rabbit, Adare Manor Hotel started documenting the experience of the lonely teddy, awaiting the return of his owner in the lap of luxury.

Think of it as the stuffed animal version of Kevin McAllister.

Have a look below.

Rabbit 1
Rabbit 2
Rabbit 3
Rabbit 4
Rabbit 5
Rabbit 6
Rabbit 7
Rabbit 8
Rabbit 9

So very wistful.

Thankfully, however, the staff at the hotel were able to reunite the lost rabbit, named 'Jellycat', with his young owner Kate Hogan. She told the hotel:

Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat. He was my first ever teddy a whole three and a half years ago. I was so lonely going to sleep last night, but I now know he had the best time. I'm so excited to have Jellycat back in my arms. Thank you again Adare Manor. Give him a hug tonight from Kate X

Shortly afterwards, they were reunited.

Rabbit Home

Pics: Adare Manor Hotel



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