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22nd Oct 2021

5 cocktails to try in Dublin this bank holiday weekend

Katy Thornton

Bank holidays are for trying new cocktails, am I right?

I am, I am right. There’s no better time to try some new cocktails than when you have an extra day off work, an extra day to sleep in. We’re bringing you some of the very best on offer this weekend. Bottoms up!

1. New Cocktail Menu, Opium

Location: Wexford Street

We don’t have specifics, but we trust Opium when it comes to cocktails. They’re launching a new cocktail menu this weekend and we cannot wait to see what the come up with! This one looks divine.

2. Mojitos, 4 Dame Lane

Location: Dame Lane

Who doesn’t love a mojito? At 4 Dame Lane, they’re pulling out all the stops. Why not get a mellow mojito jug to share amongst friends? They open 3-11.30pm daily.

3. The Green Street, Bar 1661

Location: Green Street

Add a little bit of… spice. The aptly named Green Street cocktail may be pink, but it sounds delicious. It comes with poitín, amaro, pineapple, coconut, and pimento spice. Bar 1661 pays homage to all things Irish, specialising also in the Irish drink poitín.

4. Ultima Palabra, The Blind Pig

Location: Suffolk Street

The Blind Pig is known for reimagining classic cocktails. The Ultima Palabra consists of mezcal, strega, italicus, and sour blood orange. Sounds delightful to us. Definitely worth a try this Bank Holiday weekend.

5. The Sicilian, Little Pyg

Location: South William Street

Last, but not least, is The Sicilian. This Little Pyg cocktail looks like just the refreshment we need after a long week. We don’t know exactly what’s in it, but they’re in the two for one pygtail deal, and really, what more do you need to know? If you haven’t managed to get a booking somewhere, Little Pyg welcomes walk ins.

Which cocktail do you fancy the most?

Header image via Instagram/4_damelane

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