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12th Nov 2021

5 cocktails to try out in Dublin this weekend

Katy Thornton

It’s cocktail o’clock… all weekend!

The time has come to officially cheers in the weekend. If you need some inspo on just where to do that, well, these Dublin spots are serving cocktails galore to quench your thirst.

1. Soup 2

Location: Smithfield 

This week’s cocktail special at Soup 2 looks delicious, but we’d expect nothing less. It comes with blood orange flip, bourbon, amaretto, cherry bitters, a whole egg, and bruléed cream. A festive cocktail if ever we’ve seen one.

2. Hang Dai Chinese

Location: Camden Street

For something a bit fruity, Hang Dai is serving their Whoa Black Berry cocktail. It’s made of gin, berrissimo, apple and blackberry shrub, cinnamon, and lemon. We are very intrigued by this mix of flavours.

3. Glas Restaurant

Location: Chatham Street

Glas restaurant is doing a winter edition of the classic margarita. It looks like a mix between a pornstar martini and a margarita, and we’re dying to try it.

4. The Boxty House

Location: Temple Bar

The Boxty House is facing off two stunning cocktails, and you’ve got to decide which is the winner. On one hand we’ve got the Zuzzy, a mix of poitín, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and blueberries. On the other there’s the Old Fashioned, made up of whiskey, simple syrup, cuplá bitters, and an orange peel! Well you’re just going to have to try both now aren’t you!

The Big Romance

Location: Parnell Street

Introducing the Rosemary Negroni Sour! This gorgeous cocktail comes with Hendricks, Campari, vermouth, lemon, rosemary syrup, egg whites and a squeeze of orange juice. A gourmet cocktail for a fancy night out.

We just can’t decide which place to go first!

Header image via Instagram/soup.two

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