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26th Nov 2021

6 cocktails to try in Dublin this week

Katy Thornton

Nothing makes it feel more like the weekend than a good cocktail.

Luckily for you, we’ve collated a list of some of Dublin’s best cocktail specials for the weekend. No matter your poison, we think one of these cocktails will be perfect for you.

1. Christmas Cocktail, Delahunt

Location: Camden Street

Feeling festive? Delahunt is doing their Christmas cocktail this weekend, a combination of Hennessy, Cointreau, lemon, and some Christmas syrup.

2. Notorious F.I.G, Fallon & Byrne

Location: Exchequer Street

Fallon & Byrne serve their figgy cocktail with Absolut vodka, muddled raspberries, Galliano, and vanilla syrup. Looks like just the thing to help you unwind after a busy week.

3. Apple Pie Sour, The Woollen Mills

Location: Ormond Quay 

A whiskey sour, with an apple twist. The Woollen Mills think this is the best way to start your weekend, and we agree.

4. White Chocolate Martini, Soup 2

Location: Smithfield

Soup 2 are at it again with their innovative cocktails. This week they have a roast white chocolate martini, served with raspberry tincture and padron salt.

5. The Last Call, Hang Dai Chinese

Location: Camden Street

Hang Dai has just launched a new menu and are introducing The Last Call, with Montobolos, Mezcal, Chartreuse Yellow, Luxardo, pineapple and thyme cordial. Perfect for your last drink of the night.

6. Blazed Burdon Meringue, SOLE Seafood

Location: South William Street

We are obsessed with this whiskey and pineapple cocktail from SOLE. The Blazed Burdon Meringue will warm you right up after being out in the cold.

Which cocktail is your favourite? We just can’t decide, they all look so good.

Header image via Instagram/thewoollenmills

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