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15th Oct 2021

Celebrate National Dessert Day at one of these gorge spots

Katy Thornton

As if we needed an occasion for dessert

Still, it’s nice to have a designated day to celebrate the most important meal of the day. Whether you need something sweet after every meal, big or small, or you like to indulge occasionally, it’s time to make the most of it.

Lemon Tart, Queen of Tarts

Location: Temple Bar

This lemon tart is zesty, tasty, and best of all… completely vegan! You can check Queen of Tart’s opening hours and menus here for even more deliciousness.

Chocolate Slice, Suesey Street

Location: Fitzwilliam Place

Suesey Street is all for celebrating National Dessert Day and that’s what we like to see. Tuck into this stunning chocolate slice this weekend.

Mint Hot Chocolate, The Sweetest Things Chocolate Café

Location: Bachelor’s Walk

Hot chocolate is not just the perfect autumn takeaway beverage. It is also perfect for dessert, and one of the best places to get one is The Sweetest Things Chocolate Café. As their name suggests, they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to chocolate.

Chocolate Cake, The Shelbourne

Location: St. Stephen’s Green

Chocolate cake is the most classic dessert and they’re doing a whopper version of it in The Shelbourne currently.

Mango Panna Cotta, The Ivy House

Location: Drumcondra 

If you’re looking for something fruity for dessert, this mango panna cotta from The Ivy House is bound to hit the spot. Nothing better than something sweet and simple.

Brown Butter and Pecan Slice, Cold Boi

Location: St. Anne’s Park

They do more than just ice-cream sandwiches. Cold Boi is serving this smashing brown butter and pecan slice. Get down there on Saturday if you’re looking to celebrate dessert.

Who could choose between all these sensational spots?

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