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23rd Jan 2019

PIC: American’s Stupid Question In Temple Bar About Brexit Will Make Every Irish Person Cross

Darragh Berry

Will ye please do your research before coming over here and trying to strike up a conversation with us about something that is going to completely annoy us.

We know that Brexit is a big talking point at the moment but we hate people who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the subject.

If you’re not informed enough about it, just talk about Guinness or the Hurling instead.

But out of all the clueless questions you could ask or statements you could make, this is probably the worst one.

This American is on holliers and heads to Temple Bar for some famous pints of the creamy stuff and to take in the wonderful atmosphere and great music.

Feeling obliged to begin a conversation with the Barman, the American asks how does it feel to be exiting Europe?

The barman tries to explain that we’re not leaving because WE ARE NOT BRITAIN.

But, the american just keeps poking away at it…

The barman even hands the American a free pint of Guinness just to shut them up.

Just. Make. It. Stop.

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