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25th Oct 2018

PIC: This ‘Open-Legged’ Barbie Is Exposing All In Peter Mark’s Window In Rathmines

Darragh Berry

We’ve seen some strange things in shop windows over the years but a Barbie exposing her bits is definitely up there.

Karl Ffrench snapped this up as he was passing the Peter Mark’s in Rathmines and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I really thought Barbie looked a bit conspicuous in Peter Mark’s window in Rathmines. I know the bank holiday weekend is on the way, but seriously…” he said in a tweet.

People followed up jokingly by saying that the picture was “filth” and some couldn’t understand why she was allowed window time in the first place.

Some even said that a “bigger reveal” could be on the way. We don’t know if that big reveal means Barbie exposing even more or what.

We’re confused and kind of anticipating something big.

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