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16th Oct 2018

PIC: Dublin Nightclub Has Put Up A Sign About Drugs And People Are Divided About It

Darragh Berry

This photo has gone insanely viral on Twitter and it’s pretty easy to see why.

It includes a sign from a Dublin nightclub about drugs and has gotten over 3k likes since being posted.

The nightclub in question is District 8 and it states that although “it does not condone drug taking”, there are steps in place to deal with anything bad that might happen medically as a result of someone taking drugs.

The sign says that “if you have taken something and start to feel unwell, please tell a member of staff immediately. There is a medic on site at all times who is there to help – not judge.

“Alert a member of staff, if you are feeling unwell, and they will alert the medical team who are always there to help.

“Likewise, if you see someone that needs help, please let a member of staff know as soon as possible.

“Help us keep you safe, plan ahead, look after each other and stay safe”, they state before adding that “no drugs are safe but if you do take drugs, please wait for them to take effect before taking more.”

People are undivided by the sign as some think it’s a great initiative by the club and the “first place to do something like this” in Dublin.

Others, however, believe that this is a “trap” to try and clamp down on drug taking in the nightclub.

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